Pretty cool to see the podcast make an appearance on Instagram’s “Explore” page today.

The one & only @inqlife on poetry, art, creativity, honesty, integrity, positivity, chasing your dream & why it’s all about authenticity. Special guy, special episode. #RRP 81 now playing at / iTunes / Stitcher / Soundcloud. GET SOME

Big day w/ lots of kids & families at the house. @srimati outdid herself w/ this awesome vegan, gluten free bunny cake. Kids loved it. #plantpower

Sun Day Run Day.

Gallery show tonight for my man @andrewpasquella. So cool to see him blowing up as an artist. Check him out!


"We must rethink our nutritional science paradigms" - Howard Jacobson PhD on "Whole": going beyond The China Study. #RRP 80 now up at / iTunes / Stitcher / Soundcloud. Dig! #plantpower

Killer portobello burgers by @srimati - one of my faves. #plantpower

Jaya working her bow skilz.

Beet juice for the win. #giddyup

Colin Campbell introduced the mainstream to the idea that eating plants can prevent & reverse disease. Be inspired & hear the how’s & whys in this week’s #RRP now playing at / iTunes / Stitcher /Soundcloud

Pedro is an awesome donkey. He lives down the street.

Malibu was magic today. (at One Gun Ranch)

Travis @tbrewer314 took it to a new level yesterday. Never ceasing to amaze, spreading a positive message & his own personal brand of inspiration through movement. Just don’t try this at home - he is a professional!

…and when @tbrewer314 & @timothyshieff get together, it looks something like this.