Happy Birthday @srimati - thanks for being you with me. Loving you wide and deep today!

Namaste! @srimati always finds the yoga.

Open water, open mind, open heart.

Babe in repose. #2ndHoneymoon

My stunning bride. Dress by @wolfstoneart - our 10yr old daughter designed, created the pattern, cut & sewed this piece of awesome herself. So proud! #lategram #homeschool

Greetings from Mexico.

Yesterday @srimati & I celebrated our 11 yr. anniversary by renewing our vows. And shooting it on a #GoPro

Night swimming. (at Little Dume)

Best afternoon tea ever.

Clean Energy.

Get up early and get it done. Turn the brain off and just move the feet. Mood follows action.

Peace. Justice. @obeygiant. (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

Great evening introducing @johnjosephcromag at his book release party tonight @powerhousearena in Brooklyn - congrats John!

Dawn patrol on the Hudson.

Cool pic by the awesome @tommedvedich from yesterday’s shoot on the streets of NYC.