ICYMI: @fightsharkmiller laying down mad truths on life, survival and what’s required to face & overcome unimaginable obstacles. Love this guy & our convo. Make sure you tune in to this week’s podcast & check his new book “Pain Don’t Hurt” published by @bourdain. Link to podcast in bio. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone. 🌿➕✌️ - Rich

Nothing cooler than when 2 of my fave podcast guests unite. Wonder Twin Powers Activate! This made my day. Big Love everybody make it a great one. ✌️➕🌿 - Rich

#Repost from @mishkashubaly —- 13.1 with firehose of positivity @robinnyc today #booty&thebeast thx to @richroll for the intro

Life throws all of us obstacles. But what do you do when everything just falls apart? It’s how we confront and navigate through setbacks that defines character. This week I sit down w/ the inspiring @fightsharkmiller - a man who has overcome unimaginable adversity standing tall. Tune in for an amazing conversation & check out his new book “Pain Don’t Hurt”. #RRP 108 UP! Podcast link in bio. Hope you enjoy this week’s offering.

I made a fun Snapchat story about this morning’s ride. Add me there (iamrichroll) if you like that kind of thing.

I made a fun Snapchat story about this morning’s ride. Add me there (iamrichroll) if you like that kind of thing.

To clear the soul, rise above the fog.

Embrace the day.

"Don’t be afraid of fear" - Tim Van Orden & I go beyond the kale in this week’s podcast. Tim’s insights on self-acceptance, denial and the psychology & emotional demands of personal growth and self-actualization are pure gold. I hope you enjoy the conversation. #RRP 107 UP! Link in bio.

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. Miracles happen when intention meets action.

TIME Magazine called Millennials the “Me Me Me Generation” - my experience is different. Why it’s cool to be conscious & actively involved in making the world a better place for all of us. Proud to share this conversation with my friend Jackson Foster @plantriotic and hope you enjoy it. #RRP 106 UP! Link in bio. ✌️➕🌿 - Rich


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Making a hyperlapse video while riding a bike is ill-advised.

Make time to get lost.

#tbt Climbing the Volcano | Ultraman 2011.

Love it when people post how they listen to my show. So far this is my favorite.

#Repost from @matsandren: Listening to the Rich Roll Podcast while nearing the end of my walk across the U.S. Only a part of the-walk from Stockholm to Sydney @richroll #richroll #California #USA #the_walk